We can write, really!

We write books about food and travel!

Catfish cover

We write articles about food and travel!

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But we also want to write about other things.

This is where we will experiment with fiction. Where we will write about life with cats and dogs and each other. This is where we will be silly. And this is where we will be serious. We want to be creative, but we also want to be honest. This is where will talk about our struggles with mental illness. We hope to entertain with our stories but we also hope to inform. We want to educate people. We want to destigmatize mental illness. We want to help. As much as we love food, if we could touch one person’s life, it would be worth all the meals in the world.

So welcome to our new corner of the web. We will do our best to amuse and enlighten you. And quite likely bemuse and befuddle you.