Sporcle Dad Knows American Presidents We're not sure anyone gets it

If you’re here, it’s likely because you didn’t get some (or any) of the Sporcle Dad jokes. Well here is a guide to just what the heck was going on in that tiny little dad brain when it comes to American presidents.

You should know that the “Knows” Sporcle Dad quiz are more difficult. The “Talks” quizzes take a subject then finds punchlines related to each of the Sporcle categories. Some pop culture knowledge and tangential thinking should do it. This quiz features punchlines related directly to the subject, in this case American presidents. You might want to brush off that history degree for this one. Enjoy!

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Do you like George Washington?
Yes, he really sank his teeth into problems.

According to legend, President George Washington had false teeth made of wood. Actually, he never had wooden teeth. While he was President, his teeth were made of hippopotamus and elephant ivory. Before that, his false teeth were made with real human teeth.

Do you like James Monroe?
Yes, he was a capital guy.

President James Monroe supported the creation of African colonies which would be home to free African-Americans who wished to repatriate. Those colonies became the nation of Liberia whose capital, Monrovia, is named for Monroe.

Do you like John Tyler?
Yes, he was bound to succeed.

President John Tyler was the first person to become President by succeeding a President who died in office, in this case William Henry Harrison.

Do you like James Buchanan?
Yes, he was very single-minded.

President James Buchanan was the only President never to have married. Scholars debate whether he was celibate or perhaps the first gay President.

Do you like Abraham Lincoln?
He wasn’t bad. At least he didn’t split hairs.

During his first campaign for the Presidency, Abraham Lincoln‘s background was embellished somewhat. One of the most enduring images is of Lincoln clearing land and splitting rails to build fences.

Do you like Andrew Johnson?
Yes, he kept everyone in stitches.

Prior to entering politics, President Andrew Johnson worked as a tailor.

Do you like Grover Cleveland?
No, he couldn’t keep it together.

President Grover Cleveland is the only President to have served nonconsecutive terms, making him both the 22nd and 24th President.

Do you like William Howard Taft?
Yes, he was big on personal hygiene.

At 5’11” and 335 pounds, William Howard Taft was the heaviest President. A special oversized tub was installed in the White House for him. During his term a rumor spread that he had become stuck in a tub in the White House, but this was untrue.

Do you like Woodrow Wilson?
No, he was very taxing.

In 1913, the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowing Congress to levy an income tax was ratified. President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Revenue Act of 1913, codifying an income tax for the U.S.

Do you like Herbert Hoover?
Yes, that guy was dam good.

In order to create jobs and stimulate the economy in an effort to stave off the coming Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover initiated several public works projects including Boulder Dam. Speaking at ceremony for the beginning of a project related to the construction of the dam, Interior Secretary Ray Wilbur named the dam Hoover Dam. This was an unpopular choice because things were not normally named after sitting Presidents. The name became more unpopular as Hoover led the country farther into the depression.

Do you like Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
Yes, he was really in it for the long haul.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt served longer than any other President. He was elected four times but died shortly into his fourth term. After his presidency, the Twenty-second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, limiting the President to two terms.

Do you like Harry S. Truman?
Huh? I thought that guy was defeated.

Harry S. Truman became President in 1945 upon the death of President Roosevelt. When he ran for election on his own right in 1948 he was such an underdog that the Chicago Tribune printed an edition announcing his defeat before the votes were counted.

Harry Truman, he wasn't defeated..
Harry Truman, he wasn’t defeated.

Do you like Dwight D. Eisenhower?
No, he had a complex.

During World War II, Dwight David Eisenhower was a five-star general in the U.S. Army and Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. In 1951, he became the first Supreme Commander of the newly formed NATO. He was elected President in 1952 and again in 1956. In his farewell address in 1961, he warned against deficit military spending and private military contractors, coining the term “military-industrial complex.”

Do you like John F. Kennedy?
Yes, he was tough. He was known to torpedo his enemies.

During World War II, President John F. Kennedy was only a lieutenant, but he served with distinction. His command, patrol torpedo boat PT-109, was sunk by a Japanese destroyer. He led 10 crewmen to safety on a nearby island. For this, he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism and the Purple Heart Medal for injuries. Later in the war, Kennedy led one of two boats on a mission to rescue 87 stranded Marines. He was again awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and the Purple Heart Medal.

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