Sporcle Dad Talks American Artists We're not sure anyone gets it

If you’re here, it’s likely because you didn’t get some (or any) of the Sporcle Dad jokes. Well here is a guide to just what the heck was going on in that tiny little dad brain when it comes to American artists.

You should know that this is the first truly difficult Sporcle Dad quiz. Most of the quizzes take a subject then finds punchlines related to each of the Sporcle categories. Some pop culture knowledge and tangential thinking should do it. This quiz features punchlines related directly to the subject, in this case American artists, sometimes more obscure American artists. You might want to brush off that art history degree for this one. Enjoy!

If you haven’t yet played the “Sporcle Dad Talks American Artists” quiz, head over to Sporcle first to see how you do.

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